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    February 15 I’m playing The Love Hangover New York City for the 25th Anniversary of the showcase. Other performers include Richard Alwyn, Lloyd Cole, Jill Sobule and Vicki Peterson.

    The Love Hangover Kansas City is at the recordBar, February 15, 2024. Performers include True Lions, Mouthstuff, Dan Jones and Matt Ronan, Marty Bush with Natalie Prauser, and David Luther with Kelly Dougherty.

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    1. Burning Hand Scott Easterday 3:16
    2. Livin' In Town Scott Easterday 3:34
    3. Stupid Lullaby Scott Easterday 2:32
    4. Gone to Kansas Expassionates 4:18
    5. Big Blue Town Expassionates 3:24
    6. Among Friends Expassionates 3:17
    7. Cheating At Hearts Expassionates 4:54
    8. Autumn Easterday 4:42
    9. Tall Easterday 3:02

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Gone to Kansas

    Livin’ in Town


    Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge
    Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge (1998)
    Expassionates: Landscapes
    Expassionates: Landscapes (2008)
    easterday: 1993-1995 (retrospective released in 2004)

    Verse, Chorus, Bridge: 1998: Scott Easterday, Marco Pascolini, Bryan R. Hicks, Nate Hofer, Ryan Bennett, Richard Alwyn, Mark Southerland, Jazzbo. Engineer Chad Meise. Live in 2015: Scott Easterday, Troy Van Horn, Matt Richey, Bryan R. Hicks, Nate Hofer, Patrick Alonzo Conway.

    Landscapes: Scott Easterday, Marco Pascolini, Richard Burgess, Sam Platt, Engineers Chad Meise, Sam Platt.


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    easterday: Scott Easterday, Elaine McMilian, Jon Niccum, Mark Acuff, Engineer Ed Rose.