Expassionates Tiny Horse Tribute

Watch the full concert, live at the recordBar September 10, 2023


Tribute Concert to


Darkly Sparkly

Live at the recordBar September 7, 2023, Kansas City, Missouri
Video: Steve Gardels,
Live Audio: Gloria
Scott Easterday, guitar, vocal
Marco Pascolini, guitar
Richard Burgess, bass
Sam Platt, drums, vocal

All songs by Scott Easterday

Tribute to Tiny Horse, Darkly Sparkly
Abigail Henderson, vocal
Chris Meck, guitar, vocal
Cody Wyoming, guitar, keyboard, vocal
Zach Philips, bass
Matt Richey, drums
Darkly Sparkly was recorded in 2013 at Whisker Gables, Chris Meck, engineer. Mastered by Chad Meise at The Cooler.
All songs written by Abigail Henderson, except Nashville Parthenon, by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, 2006

Matt Richey, Sam Platt, Marco Pascolini, Cody Wyoming, Richard Burgess, Scott Easterday