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    1. Burning Hand Scott Easterday 3:16
    2. Livin' In Town Scott Easterday 3:34
    3. Stupid Lullaby Scott Easterday 2:32
    4. Gone to Kansas Expassionates 4:18
    5. Big Blue Town Expassionates 3:24
    6. Among Friends Expassionates 3:17
    7. Cheating At Hearts Expassionates 4:54
    8. Autumn Easterday 4:42
    9. Tall Easterday 3:02

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Gone to Kansas

    Livin’ in Town


    Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge
    Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge (1998)
    Expassionates: Landscapes
    Expassionates: Landscapes (2008)
    easterday: 1993-1995 (retrospective released in 2004)

    Verse, Chorus, Bridge: 1998: Scott Easterday, Marco Pascolini, Bryan R. Hicks, Nate Hofer, Ryan Bennett, Richard Alwyn, Mark Southerland, Jazzbo. Engineer Chad Meise. Live in 2015: Scott Easterday, Troy Van Horn, Matt Richey, Bryan R. Hicks, Nate Hofer, Patrick Alonzo Conway.

    Landscapes: Scott Easterday, Marco Pascolini, Richard Burgess, Sam Platt, Engineers Chad Meise, Sam Platt.


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    easterday: Scott Easterday, Elaine McMilian, Jon Niccum, Mark Acuff, Engineer Ed Rose.