10th Anniversary Kansas City LOVE HANGOVER


Tradition holds that performers come together two-by-two to offer tributes to the lovelorn, love sworn and love torn. Singing love songs—originals, covers, happy, sad, funny—each act choses their own program and it’s always a surprise that brings smiles to the lips and tears to the eyes. Holy Cow Market and Music3109 Gillham Rd, Kansas City, Missouri6:00 PM Doors / 7:00 PM Show, Venus Van Horn and Troy Van Horn, FoxlinKatlyn Conroy and Nick CarswellUnder the Big Oak Tree (trio), Catered supper will be available.

Love Hangover 2017 Sizzle Reel!
from Hey, OK! Pictures on Vimeo.


The Love Hangover KC 2016

LH_2016_LOGOThe Love Hangover Kansas City 2016 featuring Alyssa Murray & Bryan Hicks, Paula Crawford & Jason Vivone of the Billy BatsBeth Byrd-Lonski & Patrick Rippeto with narrator Philip Hooser, and Shapiro Brothers hosted by Scott Easterday at Coda. The Love Hangover is an annual multi-city, multi-artist musical event that explores romantic love in all its many guises. Held each year on February 15th, this post-Valentine’s showcase features a line-up of duets singing songs of the lovelorn, love sworn and love torn. Produced by Richard Alwyn, The Love Hangover was first staged in Raleigh, NC in 2000, and in 2005 expanded to New York City. In 2008, the showcase moved west to include Kansas City, MO. Ann Arbor, MI followed in 2009, and 2010 marked The Love Hangover’s debut in Chicago, IL. In 2015 The Love Hangover becomes an international event with its first show in Toronto, Canada.


Expassionates Verse, Chorus, Bridge-LIVE

TheShipAnother live performance of the 1998 album Verse, Chorus, Bridge with Scott Easterday, guitar, keys, vocals; Troy VanHorn, guitar; Bryan Hicks, bass; Matt Richey, drums; Nate Hofer, pedal steel; Patrick Alonzo Conway, saxophone and percussion. At The Ship, Saturday, November 21, 2015.



Expassionates Verse, Chorus, Bridge-LIVE

CDepassionates-verse chorus bridge

Live band to perform the 1998 album Verse, Chorus, Bridge.Scott Easterday, guitar, keys, vocals; Troy VanHorn, guitar; Bryan Hicks, bass; Matt Richey, drums; Nate Hofer, pedal steel; Patrick Alonzo Conway, saxophone and percussion. Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Saturday, October 17, 2015.



Midwest Music Foundation
Summer Conference

art: Mary C. Tayler
art: Mary C. Tayler

The Midwest Music Foundation first summer conference is free and open to all. Cameron Betts “Affordable Car Act 101,” and Jim Dayton “Musician Marketing Workshop.” Kansas City Public Library, Plaza Branch, Saturday, August 15. VIDEO


Great Scott
Four Scotts at Coda

photo: Catharine Tronnes
photo: Catharine Tronnes

Four singer-songwriters named Scott share the stage at Coda. Scott Hrabko, Scott Hobart, Scott Stanton and Scott Easterday. Part of Scott Hrabko’s 4th Friday Series at Coda. April 25, 2015.




Folk Alliance International
Music Fair

photo: Kasey Rausch
photo: Kasey Rausch

Solo performance at the Folk Alliance International Music Fair. KKFI Kansas City Special Chouteau Room, Sheraton Crown Center, Thursday, February 19, 2015. And the Kansas City Showcase Tower, Friday, February 20, 2015, Weston Crown Center.






The Love Hangover KC 2015

logo: Silas Tom
art: Silas Tom

The Love Hangover Kansas City featuring Rachel Jaggard & Ben Byard, Ashley Jones & Jerod Rivers, Maria the Mexican & Garrett NordstromKimmie Queen & Cody Wyoming and hosted by Scott Easterday.


easterday (band) reunion

photo: Barb Yohn Jones

easterday haunted the Kansas City music scene during the alternative heyday of the 1990s, buoyed by the melodic vocal harmonies of Scott Easterday and Elaine McMilian and the ambitious rhythm section of Jon Niccum and Mark Acuff. The quartet’s retrospective disc “1993-1995” was released in 2004, showcasing some of the band’s most beloved tunes. November 14, 2014.



Expassionates at Brush Creek Art Walk

Brush Creek 2014
photo: Millie Crossland

Scott Easterday, guitar, vocal; Marco Pascolini, guitar; Richard Burgess, bass; Sam Platt, drums. Brush Creek Art Walk is an annual  plein-air painting competition with live music in Theis Park. September 14, 2014. This version of Expassionates played from Halloween 2006 until September 2011 officially, and then a handful of special shows after that, including appearances at the Brush Creek Art Walk.


Julia Othmer at River Jam

photo: Tom Ludmark

Singer-songwriter Julia Othmer with Chris Meck, guitar; Matt Richey, drums; and Scott Easterday, bass, at River Jam in Parkville. Julia Othmer came home to perform at River Jam and we were lucky to be her backing band. June 14, 2014.




Expassionates at Coda

photo: Coda

Even though we don’t play anymore Expassionates are playing again at Coda again. Marco Pascolini, Richard Burgess, Sam Platt and Scott Easterday. June 2, 2014.





The Love Hangover KC 2014

art: Peregrine Honig

The Sold Out performance of the 15th Anniversary of The Love Hangover Kansas City featuring Kacey Rausch & Patrick DevonySara Swenson & Barclay MartinVictor & Penny and Blackbird Revue at the recordBar. February 15, 2014.

Expassionates at Holy Cow!

photo: Kasey Rausch

Holy Cow Market is a weekly Sunday only event of vintage collectibles, vinyl, bikes, clothing, art, fun & friends. Open Noon-5pm/Live music at 3pm. Sam Platt, Richard Burgess, Marco Pascolini and Scott Easterday. January 19, 2014.





Expassionates at Coda

photo: Carlo Pascolini

Expassionates in a surprise show at Coda Marco Pascolini and Scott Easterday, not pictured, Sam Platt and Richard Burgess. This was an unannounced show after the official last show. March 30, 2013.




The Love Hangover KC 2013

art: Drew Padrutt

The Love Hangover featuring Christine Gross & David George, Jessie J. Brown & Troy Meiss, Claire Adams & Katy Guillen and Blackbird Revue at the recordBar. February 15, 2013







Ballhog & Tugboat

photo: Jason Beers

Elaine McMilian and Scott Easterday are Ballhog & Tugboat but nobody knows which one is which. “We take turns being the ballhog and the tugboat.” They are the vocalists from the band easterday and sing songs from that band as well as other songs by Elaine and Scott. This show is at the recordBar, October 19, 2012.






The Love Hangover KC 2012

The Love Hangover featuring Devon Russell & David Burchfield, Katie Gilchrist & Cody WyomingLauren Krum & Jimmy Fitzner and Carol Royster & Rich Hill at Californos in Westport. February 15, 2012.

Video of Lauren Krum & Jimmy Fitzner with intro by yours-not-so-truly.






Richard Awlyn (King Canutes) at recordBar

RichardAlwynRichard Alwyn of the duo King Canutes at the recordBar to promote the CD recording Last Callers and Losers with a band of KC locals: Pat Tomeck, drums; Scott Easterday. bass; Tommy Donoho, guitar; Kyle Dahlquist, pedal steel and Elaine McMilian, vocals. October 21, 2011.

Richard Alwyn is the producer of The Love Hangover and host of its New York showcases.

Scott Easterday wrote string arrangements for the song “Let’s Mess It Up Again” on the King Canutes CD Last Callers and Losers (2008).


WaterFire 2011 Kansas City, Country Club Plaza

In 2011 I performed my song Sounds Like Rain live on the banks of Brush Creek in the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, as part of the spectacular nighttime lights and music event WaterFire. October, 2011.




Beatles Tribute Benefit for KKFI Community Radio 90.1FM

I sang Don’t Let Me Down and I Dig a Pony with Darrel Lea (guitar, out of frame), Eric Melin (drums), Allen Wellman (bass) and Eric Voeks (guitar) at the FFKI Community Radio 90.1FM Beatles Tribute Concert, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. October 3, 2011.





Expassionates official last show, recordBar, September 18, 2011

Marco Pascolini, SE, Sam Platt, Richard Burgess.





easterday band reunion, recordBar, 2011

Jon Niccum, (Mark Acuff, drums), SE, Elaine McMilian.





MidCoast Takeover, Austin, TX, 2011


Present Magazine Showcase, 2010

Apocalypse Meow, 2010

 Benefit concert fundraiser for Midwest Music Foundation.





Midwestern Musical Company, 2010

Expassionates live at Midwestern Musical Company, First Friday, August, 2010. Marco Pascolini, Sam Platt, SE, Richard Burgess.




Richard Alwyn, The Winter Drinks, 2010

Marco Pascolini, Richard Alwyn, Bill Belzer, Mark Southerland and SE, reacordBar, August, 2010.




Midcoast Takeover, Austin, TX, 2010

Richard Burgess, Sam Platt, SE, Marco Pascolini.





Mongol Beach Party reunion, 2009

Jeff Freling, Christian Hankel, Bill Belzer, SE, Kyle Dahlquist, Mark Southerland, live at recordBar, August 21, 2009.



Love Hangover, 2008

Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club
Elaine McMilian & Scott Easterday
Ruby Falls & Providence Forge (Erin McGrane & Christian Hankel)
Kacey Rausch & Tony Ladesich
​​Abigail Henderson & Chris Meck
Calandra Ysquierdo & Tommy Donoho