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Singer-songwriter from Kansas City. Original songs range from Americana, rock, country, blues and swing. Solo and in the band Expassionates.

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  1. Burning Hand Scott Easterday 3:16
  2. Livin' In Town Scott Easterday 3:34
  3. Stupid Lullaby Scott Easterday 2:32
  4. Gone to Kansas Expassionates 4:18
  5. Big Blue Town Expassionates 3:24
  6. Among Friends Expassionates 3:17
  7. Cheating At Hearts Expassionates 4:54
  8. Autumn Easterday 4:42
  9. Tall Easterday 3:02


Gone to Kansas / Folk Alliance 2018

Livin’ in Town / Folk Alliance 2018

Seven Deadly Sins / Folk Alliance 2018

Dizzy / Folk Alliance 2018

Don’t Let Me Down / Beatles Tribute KKFI, 2011

I Dig A Pony / Beatles Tribute KKFI, 2011

“The Grid” Expassionates, at Holy Cow! 2015

Already Again / Expassionates at Davey’s Uptown, 2015

Ghosts & Angles / Expassionates at Davey’s Uptown, 2015

Happy New Year / Expassionates at Davey’s Uptown, 2015

Tall / easterday at Davey’s Uptown, 2011


Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge
Expassionates: Verse, Chorus, Bridge (1998)
Expassionates: Landscapes
Expassionates: Landscapes (2008)
easterday: 1993-1995 (retrospective released in 2004)

Expassionates is a crossover of rock, country and jazz that started as a recording project and produced the album Verse, Chorus, Bridge in 1998 with a collection of 8 studio musicians.

The 2015 version of the band was a throwback to the first —performing the first album live with some of the musicians from the recording and some new ones.

We later became a live performance quartet from 2006 to 2011 (and occasionally after that). We created expressive songs that range from nocturnal ballads to playful pop artifacts like those on the album Landscapes, released in 2008.

The band reunited to perform Landscapes live for the 10th anniversary in 2018.

Before Expassioantes I wrote for a band called easterday. We were a vocal driven pop band with complex songs that played from 1993-1995 and released our retrospective album in 2004.